"Meet Bojangles"

Madison Crutchfield (Assistant) and Maeva Renaud (Lead Teacher)


The pre-school class was quickly organized when children arrived with their mothers who were assisting with classes.  The class was sporadically attended throughout the week; however, it provided the children with structured learning and good dialogue between guests and mothers about the importance of motherhood and their role in child development.  

Name of class: Story-telling for preschool children

Location: Barrio Salitre Alto, Suba, Bogota Colombia age: 3-4

Gender: girls and boys

Theme goals: to foster resiliency and hope, and increase a love for learning

Class goals: Help students establish a vision for the future

Assessment methods: observation, oral inquiry, and experiential questioning using a beach ball.


100% of the students were able to :

  • Social/Emotional: Follow directions
  • Motor Skills: Increase awareness of one’s body in space
  • Motor Skills: Develop gross motor skills: balance, walk, jump, skip
  • Social/Emotional: Participate in group
  • Cognitive: Share ideas, thoughts, and knowledge

100% of the students were able to:
  • Answer open ended questions 
  • Make predictions
  • Tell, restate, paraphrase, and explain objects and events 
  • Develop phonemic awareness
  • Increase language fluency

100% of the students were able to:
  • Keep a steady beat
  • Sing the friendship song in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole
  • Choreograph movement in the Hey Buildabridge song
  • Make a paper hat and decorate it with glitter.


Each class had a new child, so it became a one on one for the child. This gave each child the attention they needed and allowed them to have more independence and confidence.

One child stated " I don't even miss my parents" which to me meant that they felt safe.

One child who came to class twice in a row was able to connect with the teachers where she started teaching the class herself and initiated the activities and gave us directions. She is a born leader!


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